Do You have A Tail Chewer?

Do you have a tail chewer in your paddocks? Here are two potions for putting a halt to the tail chewer’s habit.

What if the tail problem in your pasture isn’t a matter of rubbing—but is instead caused by a horse that chews tails? (And it’s pretty easy to tell who the culprit is—he’s the one with the long, lovely tail.)

One way to stop a chewer is to separate him from the rest of the herd for at least a month. That should be enough time to break his habit but sometimes it doesn’t work. If you can’t isolate the offender, you can thwart him with a distasteful potion. Here are two I recommend.

Method One

Supplies You’ll Need: 

Rubber or latex gloves (thin pharmaceutical gloves give you more dexterity than kitchen gloves); ground cayenne pepper and petroleum jelly.


For this method, you’ll apply a mixture of hot pepper and petroleum jelly onto the chewed tail hairs. The pepper creates an unpleasant burning sensation in the chewer’s mouth, discouraging repeat taste. The petroleum jelly acts like “glue” to hold the pepper onto the hairs. To apply: Don gloves. Scoop out about 2 ounces of petroleum jelly, and hold it in the palm of one hand. With the other hand, shake a small amount of pepper into the jelly (about two or three good shakes). With your gloved fingers, thoroughly mix the pepper with the petroleum jelly, then apply the mixture to the bottom portion of the chewed tail. ( Apply this mixture to the chewed hairs only—avoid contact with the skin as it will create a burning sensation.)

Method Two

Supplies You’ll Need: 

Your favorite concentrated mane and tail conditioner (I use Cowboy Magic Demineralizer Conditioner Rosewater Herbal Blend.)


For this method, simply coat the chewed tail’s lower half with a liberal amount of concentrated mane and tail conditioner, used full strength. It’s gummy, gooey and nasty-tasting, yet non-toxic so it safely discourages chewing. (A bonus: When you finally rinse out the conditioner, your horse’s tail will be soft and silky.)

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I am a retired professional horse trainer, active Certified rider coach, I coach riders and their horses throughout Australia and New Zealand, I am the author of the book From Go To Whoa - Training Your Own Horse, I am also a Certified Nutritionist and a professional Keto Coach. I am a keen fisher woman and I love the gym where I weight train 4 days a week. I travel Australia full time now with my husband and our Jack Russell Doug, booking and holding clinics and lessons throughout the country for many remote horse riders as well as not so remote. I love coaching riders and their horses along with helping people with nutrition and the ketogenic diet.

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