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Hi, my name is Pam Neal, I am a professional horse trainer, rider coach and author of the training book – “From Go To Whoa”.

My Profession covers:

  • Halter Preparation on both the horse and rider,  how to present yourself and your horse to the judge;
  • Longline;
  • Lead Trail
  • Ridden Trail;
  • Hunter In Hand;
  • Showmanship;
  • Horsemanship;
  • Western Pleasure;
  • Hunter Under Saddle.

I have been training for the public now for over 35 years along with breeding, training and campaigning progeny from my own stallions along with clients horses over the years.  I have trained and campaigned for clients from all over Australia and New Zealand. I’ve won and placed in many events across all of the prestigious shows as well as coaching youth, amateur and select amateur clients to the winners circle. There is something very special about watching your clients win or place in their classes watching on from the sidelines. To share in their tears of happiness when they have had a “win” in an event whether that is a a small personal win mentally or an actual win there is nothing like it, it’s not only rewarding, it’s a very special moment that I treasure.


Since retiring from the show pen, my husband, our little dogs Russell and Dougie and me!

We are travelling full time around Australia in our “bus” a Winnebago with our tinny and Jimni in tow.

Travelling Clinician

On our travels I have been holding clinics and doing some one on one private lessons. Which has been a blast!

I have come across some lovely people out there that are quite remote from most things actually, not just the horse shows to attend, in general, they are in remote areas of Australia. This has prompted me to start up a new venture with my program – Remote Horse Rider Training.

Welcome to the riders that have so far joined up for coaching!

Private Remote one on one

Recently, I have been coaching riders remotely via the internet which has turned out to be really helpful for people out there. You don’t even have to be in a remote situation, I am available by appointment with you wherever you are, in the WORLD!

Once becoming a member, you will Get one on one private lessons with me with plenty of free information and helpful tips coming your way. Nothing is left out.

If it doesn’t make sense we go through it until it is second nature.

I am available for any questions or problems you might have, I will answer and guide you through step by step, starting from the ground up if need be. I will coach you through the sticky and problem areas you might be having on any given day explaining how and why.

You receive a very detailed explanation. If it doesn’t make sense we go through it until it is second nature. This method of training is tried and tested, it is a very cost effective training program.

Contact me for a chat Lessons are done privately between you and I and are not disclosed to anyone else.

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