Information on Remote Lessons

Private Remote one on one

Recently, I have been coaching riders remotely via the internet which has turned out to be really helpful for people out there. You don’t even have to be in a remote situation, I am available by appointment with you wherever you are, in the WORLD!

Becoming a member means you will get one on one private lessons with me with plenty of free information and helpful tips coming your way. Nothing is left out. I am available for any questions or problems you might have, I will answer and guide you through step by step, starting from the ground up if need be. I will coach you through the sticky and problem areas you might be having on any given day. You receive a very detailed explanation if your question happens to be via email or messenger. If it doesn’t make sense we go through it until it is second nature. This method of training is tried and tested, it is a very cost effective training program.

You are more than welcome to send me footage of where you’re at with your training which we can discuss together.

My fee for remote training via email, messenger, phone, face time or video is as set out below…

Half hour phone or face time contact$30.00
1 hour phone or face time contact$55.00
The written word – E-mail, messenger etc.$25.00
Video footage is additional with any of the above – add on $7.00


 Lessons are done privately between you and I and are not disclosed to anyone else.

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