From Go To Whoa

This book has been written out of my love for helping riders reach their goals in training their own horses.

For over 30 years of breeding, training and showing some fantastic horses, coaching youth, amateur, select amateur riders and the odd trainer, I came to learn along the way that there is a need for riders that live remotely and cannot get to regular lessons or clinics.

All riders should know that they can train their own horses with the right tools in their tool box, it really isn’t rocket science. I decided then to put my experience of over 3 decades of training and breeding into a book that I could share with everyone that has an interrest in training their own horse either out of necessity or pure passion.

Let’s Ride, Pam Neal

Let me take you on a ride

A ride that you can create yourself with your own training on your own horse all from the comfort of your own arena in your own time. For very little dollars spent. For just $35.00 AUD you can read and follow along with me.

From Go To Whoa begins with choosing the right horse for the job, it takes you through the health and well-being of the horse, how to handle and prep weanlings, yearlings and older horse’s for halter classes and showmanship. Knowing how to use your body language with your horse while lunging and teaching your young horses how to lunge. You will read about ground driving tips and breaking in your own horse or, what to do once your young horse has come home from the breakers.

I write about some of the led and ridden classes, what is expected and how to get the best out of your horse with your training for these classes. I go through some of the training gear I like to use and when it should and shouldn’t be used. What you should be doing in your daily routine with your horse.

From Go To Whoa will teach you how you can do all of your own training, some of the problems and bad habits that you will encounter and the ways around training to correct them.

Since retiring from professionally training and breeding Western horses in 2016 which covered over 3 decades, Pam and her husband now travel Australia full-time. Pam is still sought after for her clinics and lessons which she still loves doing. where ever she is in the country, Pam will be booked for clinics and lessons. She says she loves to teach people how to train their own horses, she says “There is no better feeling than watching a client win a class on their horse, whether it be a local show or a prestigious State or National show, to see a client of mine up the front of a line-up and in the winner’s circle crying, out of pure joy and self-accomplishment is something very special to me. I cry right along with them.”

Pam is very passionate about teaching riders how to train their horse’s, especially rider’s that live so remotely that they can’t get to a clinic or a one hour lesson, leaving the property and travelling sometimes hours just to have an hour lesson, only to turn around and drive all the way back home after the lesson. She states “I would rather travel to them if I am in the area, I think it helps them out a lot and if they can’t manage a lesson or get to a clinic we hook up over the net, maybe do some video footage and some critiquing of the footage taken. There’s no holding back I am nearly invisible I am that transparent with everything I know…If I know it, they will get to know it, I tell my client’s everything I know”.

You can Purchase From Go To Whoa either by Direct Debit by contacting me here or you can purchase From Go To Whoa through PayPal by clicking on the link below.


I‘ve ridden my whole life, though English a lot of dressage mainly, I met Pam 5 years ago, when I decided to change disciplines, I was all over the place! I went back to dressage for a while until some months ago I bought Assets N Cash from Pam. I have been getting coaching from Pam Remotely ever since. Learning to ride a fully trained western pleasure horse, training a yearling for versatility classes and now, starting a rising three-year-old under saddle with the help of Pam coaching me with Remote Horse Rider Training! I am proof it works, it’s been hard work and I have loved every minute of it. I am looking forward to the future with Pam helping me and my horses – Michelle

I‘v just finished your book and I loved every page! So many helpful tips, normally I don’t write in books but Ive marked a bunch of paragraphs that really struck a chord with me. The information is so simply put and yet so in-depth at the same time. Can’t wait for volume 2! – Marlene

Hi Pam, received your book love how you have written it it’s just like i’m taking to you! Congratulations goes to you – Liz

A book like this was so lacking in the western industry. I’ve actually leant it to my dressage coach, so she can learn and understand what a western trained horse needs and responds to. She’s even applying it to some of her dressage students with great success. I think for me, being an improver and showing western for the first time under saddle, a more indepth understanding of the different patterns of each class, how to get consistency in your classes and training with a senior horse that knows too much lol. That’s where I am. I’m riding a beautiful QH mare whose 19 years old and knows it all…and knows if I don’t know lol. – Unknown

Jaxon and I got our book in the mail today! From watching Pam’s horse’s go around the pen in awe to now having a book of handy techniques!

Just want to say this is brilliant! Simple I know but so helpful for people to read it and hopefully implement it in their horses life. Good job Pam – Mellissa

Absolutely loved the book! So well written and now I need a follow on with more in depth hunter and pleasure lol. Brilliant job! x – Mandy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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