The Corner Cutter

Unfortunately, any horse has the potential to become a corner cutter.  It is one of those niggling issues, that if it is not straightened out correctly once and for all with correct training, will plague almost all activities you choose to do with your horse.

If you are not on the ball when approaching your corners your horse will soon learn to shave a bit off here and shave a bit off there until you will find that you are not doing your corners at all, this will cause your horse to not only drop his inside shoulder, he will start to speed up and lose all cadence along the long side of the rail, gaining a bit more speed at every corner cut.

If your horse is long and ‘strung out’, he will not be able to ride deep into the corner, which may in turn make your circles and corners look similar! This is where he will drop into the center more with his inside shoulder and gain momentum. You need to ensure you have your horse responsive to your cues with your legs to be able to ask for slightly more drive and more collection when approaching the corner, you want to be able to have your horse know your inside leg so that you can keep him where you want him and drive him up through the corner at the same time. Have the confidence that he won’t push through your inside leg and drop in…

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